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SpillTech have developed the PortBin toolbox to solve the challenges of marine waste. 

PortBin Tide

Port solutions

A series of floating waste collectors using a suction mechanism for collecting waste without harming aquatiq life.

Ideal solution for ports and marinas.

PortBin TrashTrawl

River solution

The PortBin TrashTrawl is a waste collector designed for rivers with a water current in the range 0-3 knots

PortBin ShoreCleaner

Beach, shoreline &  court solution

A highly portable powerful vacuum unit  for collecting small pieces of debris hard to pick by hand. Separator available.

Upcoming solutions


We are developing more tools for the PortBin toolbox

PortBin Robot

PortBin robot is an autonomus collector for floating waste. PortBin robot is a cooperation between USN (The University of SouthEast Norway) and SpillTech.

PortBin Seabed

PortBin seabed collects sunken waste in ports.

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